Conservatives in Action

SA's Moral Compass


We have credible, dynamic Leadership representing Grouped Provinces considered as Zone’s giving direction and displaying political leadership and political education in preparation for 2024 and beyond, to be part of the restoration, rebuilding and unity of SA.

We also have hardworking, phenomenal grassroots Leaders in Constituencies, Metro’s, Regions and Branches doing sterling work in building the Party across SA.

Samuel H Kennedy

Party President

Kevin Reddy

Deputy President

Lee Sebastian

National Treasurer General

Basil Leverment

National Facilitator of Traditional Leadership, Higher Education and NMB Municipal

Elicia Williams

Cape Winelands Chairperson

Bridgette Adkins

KZN Chairperson

Ps. Frans Joseph

Southern Cape Chairperson

Sis. Joseph

Southern Cape Secretary & Administrator

We hold very dearly to Conservative policies predicated on values, principles and ideals that are built on Unity, Reconciliation and Nation Building.

Our Leaders are identified and undergo political education through our ELI (Emerging Leadership Institute) to ensure they understand the history of SA, the lessons learnt pre and post 1990 so as to ensure we preserve and restore our history and we hold dearly to our values.

Our emphasis in training and equipping Leaders is to bring positive and effective change to the political landscape of SA.