Samuel H Kennedy was reconfirmed as Party Leader to drive the name change and the new logo, including direction of the Party.

This was successfully driven and after consultations with Constituencies across SA, name was changed from PEOPLE’S ALLIANCE – PAL to CONSERVATIVES IN ACTION SA – CIA SA in early 2022 with clear AIMS AND OBJECTIVES, POLICIES, VISION, VALUES, ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE and MOTTO – which is SA’s MORAL COMPASS.

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Message from the Party Leader

Given that the majority of the established political parties in SA are either Socialist, Marxist/Communist on the one hand or neo Liberal on the other hand, with a sprinkling of far right Christian and Muslim reconstructionist parties to a few that are ethnic nationalists, after considerable engagements with SA’ns across the country, the centre right CONSERVATIVE ideological approach was adopted which led to the birth of the CIASA.

Over the last 10 months, I am happy to confirm that we have successfully completed the name change process from the People’s Alliance – PAL to Conservatives in Action – CIASA.

This process, apart from a complete revamp of our logo & colours, enabled us as the Leadership of CIASA to adopt an ethos which espouses:

  • National Reconstruction,
  • Nation Building,
  • Family values,
  • National Reconciliation,
  • Strong Conservative values,
  • Property rights,
  • Minority rights,
  • Individual rights interspersed with ideals of Communitarianism,

SA’ns from all walks of life, small to medium businesses in the main, are feeling the effects of a weak economy exacerbated by:

  • The after effects of the deadly looting & rioting in July 2021,
  • The devastating Floods in KZN in April 2022 resulting in areas like Tongaat for example who have had No piped water into their homes for just on 200 days as @ 31 October 2022,
  • ‘Corruption on a grand scale’ never before seen in SA,
  • Unprecedented fuel and energy price hikes including the repetitive interest rate hikes in 2022,
  • The unacceptable levels of load shedding,
  • A weak economy exacerbated by a weak currency, an oligopolistic economy, controlled by a few,
  • A huge % of dysfunctional municipalities, many of whom are dependent on Govt bailouts,
  • Ineffective, lethargic Municipal Councils, a number of whom are governed by political parties who’s only interests are control of resources and political power at all costs.

What we witness in SA today can only be termed as a ‘waste of time Coalition Govt’s where ‘jostling for control or political power’ is at the centre of their scope while infrastructure and services, viz, sewerage, water, human settlements, potholes, poor municipal services, polluted rivers and beaches that have high levels of ecoli, BEING OVERLOOKED!

In the Local Govt political landscape, we’ve sadly witnessed too many Pop up or popcorn political leaders who’s only interest is ‘what’s in it for them – WIIFM’ or their political parties and NOT ‘what’s in it for the ELECTORATE!

SA is at a political crossroads for voters come 2024 election. Either we change direction as a country and rid ourselves of political hegemony and a one Party State or we ALL suffer the consequences of democracy having failed us.

Change can only occur at the ballot box by the efforts of our fellow citizens coming in their numbers to vote CIASA to ensure CHANGE for a new direction for our country, where All SA’ns prosper, IS INEVITABLE and success and bliss is Not just an elitist few!

This requires COURAGE of CONVICTION.

This, our beautiful land is home for ALL SA’ns, Black & White, a land we can All proudly call HOME!

I ask that you VOTE CIASA
Make Conservatives in Action your choice, Choose CIASA

God Bless South Africa
God Bless it’s people

Conservatives In Action SA

We have traversed South Africa, including KZN; Gauteng; Free State; Eastern Cape; Western Cape; and Northern Cape, communicating with various Leaders across the many towns and cities articulating our vision and our message to the various communities. Pursuant to this, we have also identified regional and local leadership and communications structures, in preparation for the Regional and National Conventions with the aim of chartering a very clear and explicit strategic plan and program of action, in preparation for the forthcoming National & Provincial Government elections in 2024.


Likewise, we have consulted with many folks from all parts of South Africa’, articulating our VISION, VALUES, and POLITICAL IDEOLOGY and why SA needs CONSERVATISM to rid itself of the Leftist, Socialist, neo liberal value system that has drippings of elitism and drippings of sectarian system rather than one that UNITES AND REBUILDS SA.


We clearly witness the digression from the core values, principles and traditions that SA’ns have held dearly for decades and centuries to this neo democracy that has brought us economically close to the abyss of despair, viz,


- high unemployment,
- high interest rates,
- weak currency,
- looting and pillaging,
- weak Police Services,
- endemic Corruption,
- weak border control and paralysis,
- flight of skills (emigration),
- dysfunctional municipalities, barring a few, in most parts of the country,
- weak educational system which has’nt been able to produce adequate skills for the evolving global economy,
- mass migration of rural communities to the big cities in search of economic opportunities resulting in huge housing shortages and backlogs

Our Vision

- we look to God for Inspiration.
- our focus is on the restoration of hope, faith and peace in South Africa, now and in the future.
- we undertake to represent All South Africans ‘clearly, objectively, without equivocation, truthfully’ and without any fear or favor,
- we undertake to place our emphasis on the social economic upliftment and empowerment of ALL SA’ns, not forgetting the injustices of the past against certain sectors
of society,
- as a Party we will ensure we’re not spectators but participators of building this egalitarian State that we all seek,
- we promise and undertake to oppose all forms of:
- ‘reverse racism, elitism, tribalism, job reservation, jobs for pal’s or job’s reservation for political party cronies who hold political power, nepotism, cadre deployment’,
including CORRUPTION and any forms of State Capture (in any Govt Structure) including CORRUPTION in the private sector through monopolies or oligopolistic means,
- we stand for and argue very strongly for a vibrant entrepreneur driven economy as opposed to our current lopsided economy which is big business driven,
- we hold no apologies in our call for the strengthening of the middle class through reduction of:
- personal income tax thresholds,
- the elimination of e-tolls (which in itself is taxation),
- the reduction of Vat and other forms of taxation to encourage and stimulate the economy,
- we will strive to ensure our pensioners are treated with DIGNITY and ensure that the discounts on purchases are applied across the spectrum in:
- supermarkets, hospitals, airfares, buses, taxis, everyday rather than on specific days,
- likewise, we will ensure our pensioners also receive access to quality health care and medical treatment that befits their status as senior citizens of our country,
- likewise, we will strive for tax incentives to business for all researched and proven methods which protect our kids and our youth,
- similarly, we advocate for the reduction of corporate taxes
- we will champion the call to be the ‘Voice of Reason’ in the political landscape of South Africa given the subtle racial complexities and prejudices that our people have
inherited and have to contend with on a daily basis,
- remain resolute in our call for the strengthening of our currency which we believe is a national asset, something we are proud to embrace,


We are resolute, steadfast and unequivocal in our call for:
- the reduction and or the abolition of transfer duties on property;
- a FEDERAL system of Govt as opposed to the current unitary State of centralization where all power rests with National Govt rather than a system where Provinces have
more power to govern;
- in our belief as CONSERVATIVES as a PRO LIFE Organization, protection of innocent babies in the womb. We denounce ABORTION on demand.
- for strong border control measures but not the alienation of foreigners, as long as proper immigration administrative protocols and processes are followed and adhered
- the establishment of Govt facilities based on 100,00 people based on 100,000 per precinct (minimum), where all Govt services are closer to the communities. In this
regards we refer to:
- home affairs offices, Police Stations; driver testing stations, hospitals; clinics, magistrates courts; schools, tertiary education, water and electricity boards;
- the abolition of Municipal tender, electricity and water services boards. These functions and services should fall under the Provincial Govt;
- the immediate change of ownership viz, public private ownership of ESKOM; SA POST OFFICE; SAA; ACSA, Govt Printing Works, similar to that of TELKOM;
- Railway Police on all trains;
- conversion of e-toll offices into satellite Police stations strategically located per segment of kms on Freeways and Regional Roads;
- a revitalized and rightsized Govt administrative system where,
- ID’s, passports, driver licenses, gun licenses, liquor licenses, business licenses or any license where a person does not need to wait 3 - 6 months for the document,
- health, administrative and technical AUDITS by qualified independent personnel, viz, health, technical, accounting, administration of all Govt buildings and all Govt
- every Govt facility in communities are fully preserved and protected from criminal deeds,
- the standards of every school and medical facility including mortuaries to be of world class standards;
- the revision of what is purportedly a correctional prison system and consequentially, the introduction of a penal system for serious criminal offences where those who
commit serious crimes must be subjected to HARD LABOUR NOT HARSH TREATMENT,


- Nation Building;
- National Reconciliation;
- National Unity;
- National reconstruction of our country;
- Patriotism;

Our Values

To this end, every Leader of the Party shall unequivocally commit to relentlessly pursue these objectives guided by the principles and guidelines listed hereunder:


* Internal unity within the Party through respect and tolerance for each other.
* ensure honesty, transparency & commitment in everything we do to serve our people.
* ensure total emphasis on clear & good governance principles.
* ensure the principle of ‘consensus decision making’ occurs in all decision making at all levels of the Party, but not at the expense of decisive decision making.
* ensure adherence to the basic tenets of non- discrimination, non-racialism & non- sexism in all levels of the Party.
* ensure that we represent our people effectively for the achievement of spiritual enrichment; socio-economic fairness, equality and emancipation.
* ensure that we represent and raise concerns regarding the challenges our people encounter on a daily basis, with a ‘clear and resounding Voice’ without compromise.


We shall take the fight to ensure public and private economic opportunities and resources are invested & distributed equitably for all our people, given the historical disparities many of our communities face daily in the land of their birth.


We assure South African’s that all our party Leaders, Office bearers & public representatives shall be at the forefront and champion the cause of the economic; social and spiritual justice for all South African’s, irrespective of race, color, creed or gender.


We promise to vigorously oppose any attempts and or programs that covertly and or subtly drive our people to become and or feel like second class citizens in the land of their birth.


Every Leader in the Party, including members shall display attributes of respect & tolerance; diligence, honesty & integrity; passion for to uplift our people spiritually; economically and socially.


Every Leader of the Party, including members shall endeavour to be facilitators and promoters of peace & harmony in the political landscape of our beloved country and shall not perpetuate divisions amongst political parties, neither in any sphere of Govt.

Political Ideology

We hold firm Conservative views as a Party, as contained in our political education and induction manual (annexure1) with emphasis on:


- Building of and protection of the Family unit,
- Protection of children and the physically impaired,
- Protection of Life,
- commitment to human rights,
- commitment to economic development,
- reintroduction of stimulus Govt grants to business,
- accessible, professional and caring health system,
- balanced and circumspect government spending and planned immediate reduction of government debt,
- restructuring and private public partnerships at loss making Govt SOE’s,
- a strong local currency,
- respect for all religious beliefs,
- reduction of inflation parameters as inflation is = to taxation,
- a free market economic system,
- creation of local industries to minimize imports,
- clear focus on job creation,
- freedom of religion;
- lowering of taxes,
- removal of consumer levies and tariffs from petrol and diesel,
- removal of all road tolls,
- protection of minority rights,
- protection of property rights,
- stronger defense force,
- self defence and ownership of guns,
- stronger police force and more police stations,
- building of additional schools, Colleges and Universities
- justice system that is more responsive with quicker court hearing dates,
- increase of conservative voices on the Benches in our Courts,
- world class health system and infrastructure,
- fair penal system with hard labor in prison that is commensurate to the crimes committed,
- restructuring of Housing boards headed by a diverse panel of experts,
- annual audits by independent Auditors of all housing lists at municipalities,
- re introduction of National and Provincial State Tender Boards headed by a diverse panel of experts,
- the strengthening of border controls,
- accessible quality education for all South African’s,
- economic growth that produces tangible & recognizable social and economic benefits for everyone

Interview with Mr . Kennedy, in response to the Moonshot pact initiative of the Opposition Parties


Allow the Leadership of CIA SA to record it’s sincere appreciation and gratitude to our many Leaders, Members, Supporters, Followers and Enthusiasts to the principled ideological Conservative Policies and Ideals that CIA propagates and holds dearly to and for their hard work, determination and dedication in bringing the political and socio-economic solutions SA’ns so desperately desire.

Thank you for the donations in kind, volunteer work and to the sponsors, Thank you.

As Conservatives, we will continue to stand up for a society in which ALL SA’ns benefit, but equally so, in which the marginalised are given the dignity they deserve through real economic prosperity and not Govt grant hand-outs which reduces their dignity and status in society.


Thank you once again for visiting our website. We trust you are encouraged by who we are, what we stand for and our vision for SA.

We ask that you assist us in building our beloved country so that it may take it’s place as a thriving nation, socially and economically on the global stage.

GOD bless You
SH Kennedy
Party Leader